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Olivia Nagy

Olivia Nagy, a talented native of Panama City, stands out as our youngest performer, making waves at the age of 16. At just 11 years old, she took up the guitar, and within a few months, she fearlessly accompanied herself in public for the first time. The spark of creativity ignited, and Olivia began crafting her own music during her middle school years. Now, you can catch her enthralling audiences at numerous local venues across the scenic Florida panhandle. Olivia's soulful and introspective music exudes an indie folk vibe, earning her the reputation of an "old soul" despite her young age. Beyond her musical pursuits, Olivia's passion for theater shines bright. Actively involved in her high school drama program, she finds joy in exploring her artistic talents on the stage as well. With a promising future ahead, Olivia Nagy embodies the spirit of youthful passion and artistic ambition, leaving us captivated by her musical and theatrical endeavors.



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5:30 PM

Panama City Center of the Arts

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