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Lindsey Thompson

Meet Lindsey Thompson, a talented singer, songwriter, and musician based in the picturesque gulf coast of Florida. Her musical journey began at the tender age of seven when she first started playing the piano and singing. Growing up in a home filled with music, Lindsey developed a profound appreciation for various artists and styles from an early age. She fondly recalls accompanying her trumpet-playing father to countless musical engagements, an experience that fueled her love for writing and performing songs. What began as a passion soon blossomed into a full-fledged career. Lindsey's heartfelt lyrical style finds its voice through her ethereal vocals and captivating stage presence, enchanting audiences with each performance. A true artist at heart, she breathes life into her songs, connecting deeply with her listeners. Currently, Lindsey showcases her talent locally and throughout the southeastern region of the United States alongside her husband, the gifted singer, songwriter, and musician, Will Thompson. Together, they form a dynamic duo, complementing each other's musical prowess and creating a harmonious experience for their audiences. As they continue to grace stages across the region, Lindsey Thompson and her band create an enchanting atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression on those who have the pleasure of witnessing their musical artistry unfold.



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Panama City Center of the Arts

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