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Liam St. John

Liam St. John, a chart-topping blues artist, has solidified his place in the music industry, splitting his time between two musical hubs, Nashville and Los Angeles. His debut full-length project, "Stripped Back" released in June 2022, soared to #1 on Apple Music's Top Blues Albums globally, setting the stage for a triumphant nationwide tour culminating in a sold-out show in Music City, USA. At the heart of Liam St. John's musical essence lies a powerful fusion of blues, roots, and rock & roll. His lyrics encapsulate the soulful essence of blues, delivering piercing and authentic truths, while his performances exude the vibrant spirit of rock and roll, flooding every stage with electrifying energy. Having recently signed with Big Loud Records & King Pen Music through Warner Chappell, St. John's talent has garnered significant recognition. His first recording & publishing deal marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in his musical journey. His unique vision and creative prowess have drawn praise from industry insiders, with his voice leaving a lasting impression on listeners. Liam attributes his remarkable vocal foundation to the legendary artists he grew up listening to, including Ray Charles, Etta James, Sam Cooke, Louis Armstrong, and Tracy Chapman. Their raw and gritty, blues-infused soul has left an indelible mark on his songs and performances, infusing them with a timeless allure. With Liam St. John's magnetic talent and passion for authentic storytelling, he continues to captivate audiences worldwide, promising an exciting future ahead as he further enriches the world of blues and rock with his distinctive and fresh musical approach.



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8:45 PM

Tent outside of Center of the Arts


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9:00 PM

Downtown Boxing Ring

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