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Joshua Quimby

Hailing from the tranquil woods and countryside of Eastern Connecticut, Joshua Quimby, a 22-year-old folk singer and songwriter, is carving a distinct and fresh path within the realm of Americana music. Now based in Nashville, TN, he effortlessly blends his powerful vocals, raw and expressive lyricism, and adept folk/blues/country guitar picking to create a genuinely unique musical identity. Inspired by the timeless works of legendary songwriters like Bob Dylan, John Prine, and Hank Williams, Sr., among others, Joshua draws from their influence to shape his own writing and musical motivations. His sound is rustic and righteous, rooted in tradition yet refreshingly original, allowing him to weave captivating stories through his songs. Joshua's gift lies in his gravely-howled and emotionally-charged vocal delivery, which captivates listeners and transports them into his introspective and deeply felt narratives. With a profound connection to his lyrics, he pours his heart and soul into each composition, creating songs that resonate with authenticity and truth. In the words of fellow musician Jof Owen, "With his gravelly howl and rough-hewn, country-folk sound, his lyrics perfectly capture what it feels like to try to make sense of a modern world that feels like it's falling apart around you." As Joshua Quimby continues to forge his own artistic path within Americana music, he brings forth a powerful and evocative presence, enticing listeners with his heartfelt storytelling and unwavering passion for his craft.



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8:45 PM

Tent outside of Center of the Arts


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Downtown Boxing Ring

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