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Jake & Shelby

Jake & Shelby, an extraordinary pop singer/songwriter duo, have embarked on an awe-inspiring journey to stardom, captivating hearts and minds with their exceptional talents and undeniable chemistry. Despite their tender ages of 19 and 17, their music exudes a refreshing maturity that transcends their years. Drawing inspiration from influential artists such as John Mayer, Madison Cunningham, Taylor Swift, and Phoebe Bridgers, their songs strike a perfect balance between power and inspiration. In an astonishingly short time, their magnetic sound has resonated with audiences worldwide, garnering them a massive following of over one million fans on various social media platforms during their debut year as a duo. This remarkable achievement attests to the deep connection they establish with their listeners and the profound impact of their artistry. Notably, Jake & Shelby have garnered the attention and admiration of some renowned celebrities. Their musical hero, Michael Bublé, recognized their talents and even shared a duet with them on social media, inviting them to sing with him backstage before a show at Bridgestone Arena. Furthermore, Kim Kardashian personally reached out to request a special birthday song for her sister, Khloe, showing her admiration for the duo's music. Fans were immediately drawn to the captivating chemistry showcased in their early social media posts. Jake & Shelby's harmonious blend and undeniable musical bond were evident from the start, cementing their journey towards success. As they continue to forge their path in the music industry, they are currently hard at work in the studio, crafting their debut E.P., which is undoubtedly a highly anticipated release. Their talents extend beyond the studio, with live performances scheduled for later this year, promising unforgettable experiences for their ever-growing fan base. To stay updated on their journey, fans can follow Jake & Shelby's adventures on social media @jakeandshelbyofficial and through their website The future holds exciting possibilities for this dynamic duo, as they continue to make waves in the pop music landscape.



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