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Grace Morrison

Meet Grace Morrison, a multi-talented artist who effortlessly weaves elements of country, pop, and Americana into her unique musical tapestry. Grace is a true renaissance woman, embracing various roles as a mother, musician, cranberry farmer, renaissance faire performer, songwriter, and captivating storyteller. Grace's performances take audiences on a journey through time and emotion, from the court of King Henry VIII to debauchery in Denver, with subjects ranging from the Titanic to tantric experiences. With humor and raw honesty, Grace's songs leave a lasting impression, lingering in the minds of her listeners long after the music ends and prompting toes to tap along to her infectious rhythms. Her songwriting talent is truly exceptional, drawing from diverse musical influences such as Fats Domino's rock and roll licks, the raw expression of jazz, Celtic ballads, and 90's pop choruses. Grace delivers the essence of "three chords and the truth" in a familiar yet undeniably unique package that resonates with her audience. Raised on the shores of Cape Cod, Grace's music is infused with her distinct brand of "saltwater country," solidifying her position as a confident and refreshing voice in the country-pop genre. Her talents have earned her performances at Nashville's renowned Bluebird Café and co-writing opportunities with acclaimed artists like multi-Grammy winner Lori McKenna and hit songwriter Barbara Cloyd. Throughout 2022, Grace made waves at songwriter festivals across the country, garnering recognition and invitations to collaborate with esteemed musicians like Dana Hunt Black, Susan Gibson, and Helen Darling. With a voice reminiscent of Jewel and a songwriting style reminiscent of Joan Osborne, Lisa Loeb, and Natalie Merchant, Grace Morrison's musical journey is one of genuine artistry and undeniable talent. Her ability to touch hearts and minds through her enchanting performances cements her status as a rising star in the world of music.



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Tent outside of Center of the Arts

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