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Dean Batten

Meet Dean Batten, a boundary-pushing musician whose music is a captivating blend of genres, thought-provoking, and emotionally stirring. Embarking on a new phase of creativity, Dean is set to release a trio of albums that explore the folk, folk-rock, and country-rock sounds of his childhood. First up is "Optimist Breakfast," a solo acoustic album that showcases Dean's intimate and heartfelt songwriting. Next, "Pessimist Lunch" takes the same songs and elevates them with a full band arrangement, adding depth and richness to the melodies. Finally, "Realist Supper" captures the magic of Dean's live performances, offering a raw and authentic experience for his audience. With an impressive discography already to his name, including albums like "B," "Nausea," and "Aries," as well as several EPs and singles, Dean is constantly pushing the boundaries of his artistry. His lyrics delve into profound insights, celebrating the beauty of life and embracing the full spectrum of human emotions with love and joy. Get ready to be captivated by the soulful melodies and lyrical prowess of Dean Batten as he ventures into new realms of musical expression and storytelling.



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7:00 PM



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5:30 PM

Panama City Center of the Arts

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