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Abigayle Kompst

Abigayle Kompst is a remarkable indie-folk singer/songwriter whose unique sound blends the soulful essence of Norah Jones, the poetic brilliance of Joni Mitchell, and the emotional depth of Phoebe Bridgers. Originally from the vibrant city of neon lights, showgirls, and gambling machines, she followed her passion for music to Nashville in 2018. Graduating from Belmont University's prestigious Songwriting program, Abigayle has honed her craft and earned accolades that have taken her to various esteemed stages, including the Rocky Mountain Songwriter Showcase, ASCAP Writers Night, the Grammy U Songwriter Showcase, and now the esteemed Panama City Songwriters Festival. Her debut EP, "Vegas," is a heartfelt homage to her hometown, where her musical journey began. Now, she is eagerly preparing to unveil her highly anticipated new album, set to release in September 2023. Abigayle's music captivates with its profound lyricism, evocative melodies, and soulful delivery, leaving an indelible mark on all who have the pleasure of experiencing her artistry. As she continues to evolve and enchant with her craft, Abigayle Kompst is a rising star to watch in the world of indie-folk music.



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