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Abe Partridge

Abe Partridge stands apart in the realm of acoustic singer-songwriters, breaking free from the molds that have defined many others. Amidst the sea of musicians, he emerges as a revelation, leaving a profound impact on audiences worldwide. One rainy night in the Netherlands, his acoustic performance ignited a fire that felt like a revolutionary revelation, as if he were the first to ever explore the possibilities of the instrument. With a fervent blend of brutality, tenderness, intellect, anger, and humor, Partridge presents his songs in an exceptionally authentic manner. His honest intensity breathes life into each lyric and melody, evoking a visceral connection with his listeners. Witnessing his performance serves as a poignant reminder of the power that great songs delivered with genuine emotion hold— reminiscent of what initially inspired musicians to embark on their artistic journeys. Beyond his musical endeavors, Abe Partridge is also a distinguished folk artist, adding yet another layer to his multidimensional talent. His paintings adorn art galleries across the Southeast and are treasured by notable personalities like Tyler Childers, Mike Wolfe (American Pickers), and Rick Hirsch (Wet Willie). He even contributed his artistic touch to the cover art for Charlie Parr's "Last Of The Better Days Ahead" (Smithsonian Folkways). Even during the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Partridge's monthly subscription-based art club has provided sustenance for him, his wife, and their three children. As praised by American Songwriter Magazine, Abe Partridge has carved a niche for himself as a revered songwriter and visual folk artist in the southeastern music and arts scene. His unique artistic vision continues to captivate and inspire all those fortunate enough to encounter his remarkable creations.



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